What a fun weekend and some excellent racing. Where to start? saturday 1st June the Chronos

Individual Chrono: (See event results page for all times.)

Stu Wilson was first out of the blocks (slightly late as he missed start time) but he used that anger/adrenaline  to ride an excellent sub39.

Next up Stu Short, having a fine season with many PBs but today it did not happen for him.

james Stewart back on a TT bike stormed to a qualifying time and position in the mens 54-50 age group.

Sarah had an excellent ride and got onto podium in 3rd with a  43:26, which was  within minute of winner.

In the afternoon things got even better for QN Racing. Enrico with fresh legs did the lions share of work in leading the mens Team TT to an amazing 6th place just a minute from a medal. Well done to Enrico, James, Stu Wilson and a special mention to Jim Moffatt our guest.

Now the mixed team of Sarah and Stu Short, William and Stu Wright had an eventful but ultimately successful race. Not a pretty start as William went off the side of the start platform and over his handlebars. Tough nut as he got back up to chase on. Stu Wright with fresh legs took a lead role and with Stu Short worked hard with and for Sarah and got a well deserved podium finishing third. Magnificent, for the last two years the team had come 4th but this time they got that well deserved podium.

The team time trial was brutally hard as everybody pushed themselves to help the team. I could also see that everybody enjoyed it. Enrico already wants to the men’s team next year to a podium.